Why Mass Timber? 

The combination of climate change, energy challenges and increasing demands for circular economy building solutions has placed new emphasis on renewable material solutions in construction. This has highlighted the potential of solid laminate timber systems to help deliver zero carbon responses to contemporary construction opportunities. The term mass timber embraces a variety of solid laminate timber systems such as cross laminated timber (CLT), dowel laminated timber (DLT), glulam, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and nail laminated timber (NLT). The Mass Timber Academy has been established to provide in-depth knowledge of the different systems available in this rapidly-evolving sector and to support innovation in their use by architects and engineers. 

What is the Mass Timber Academy? 

The Mass Timber Academy is a new and innovative approach to continuing professional education for architects, engineers and other construction professionals. Its structured learning programme offers participants the opportunity to gain detailed knowledge of the range of mass timber products and systems available today and to understand the appropriate uses of each. Unique to the Mass Timber Academy is its focus on creating a cohort of professional ‘Timber Intrapreneurs’: specialists in mass timber design and construction who can not only lead innovation within architectural practices and structural engineering consultancies, but also able to disseminate knowledge of this subject to others in their companies, thus maximising the value of this highly-focused approach to life-long learning to themselves, their colleagues and their employers. 


About Timber
Design Initiatives Ltd

Timber Design Initiatives Ltd was formed in 2015 to facilitate three things: the education of construction professionals in the use of timber and, in particular, mass timber systems and advanced timber technologies; second, to stimulate innovation in the use of timber in construction by working with companies to research, develop and bring to market new timber processes, products and systems; and third, the development of demonstration projects that utilise new timber products and systems. 


Headed by architect, author and critic Peter Wilson, Timber Design Initiatives Ltd was founded upon his two decades of R&D experience in all aspects of timber design and construction and his compelling urge to disseminate knowledge about advances in timber technology to the widest possible constituency of construction professionals. In line with the first of its objectives, Timber Design Initiatives Ltd has organised conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops throughout the UK for organisations such as Wood for Good. The creation of the Mass Timber Academy builds upon this experience to provide a new, distinctive and life-long approach to professional education. 


Arcamedia Ltd is Timber Design Initiatives Ltd’s subsidiary publishing company and produces complementary technical handbooks on all aspects of timber design and construction.



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