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Reaching architects, structural engineers and other specifying construction professionals is a major challenge for mass timber manufacturers and suppliers, especially now when many current and potential customers are forced to work at home due to Covid-19 restrictions. The Mass Timber Academy can help you to overcome this obstacle: its carefully tiered education programme has segmented your target audience into five clearly defined groups, each of which represents a focused opportunity for your company to create awareness of its products and services.

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MTA Champions

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The Mass Timber Academy’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programme has five tiers:


  1. Architecture and engineering undergraduate and postgraduate students

  2. Early Career Professionals (still within five years of graduating from University)

  3. Micro, small & medium enterprises: practices & consultancies with up to 10, 20 or 50 members of staff

  4. Timber Innovators and Intrapreneurs – professionals experienced in the use of mass timber systems

  5. Large architectural practices and engineering consultancies

Tiers One and Two in the Mass Timber Academy lifelong learning programme constitute the basis of your organisation’s future market. Current architecture and structural engineering courses in the UK and Ireland offer little, if anything, within their existing curricula on mass timber products and systems and few opportunities for companies such as your own to augment their students’ technical knowledge. The Mass Timber Academy has been created to fill this educational vacuum, providing independent, objective information and guidance on all aspects of solid laminate timber manufacture, design and construction and preparing them for a future career focused on timber architecture engineering and construction.

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The Future Market

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Tier Three represents the Mass Timber Academy’s recognition that the same deficiency exists in many architectural and engineering businesses and that there is often no one in the company with experience in the use of mass timber. A high percentage of the businesses in these sectors are classified as either micro (up to ten staff members) small (up to 20) or medium (up to 50) in size and are experienced in forms of construction other than timber. 


The objective of this tier of membership is to increase knowledge and experience of mass timber use within the vast number of existing organisations that comprise the bulk of the architecture and engineering community. It also recognises that professional staff nowadays change jobs, on average, every 4-5 years and that companies in this group may gain or lose in-house expertise accordingly. The need to build capacity in this large group on an ongoing basis is thus paramount if the volume of mass timber use in construction is to be substantially increased over the longer term. The programme is designed to provide this audience with a bedrock of information and knowledge. 

Tier Four is unique to the Mass Timber Academy and has the advancement of mass timber design as a core objective. With investment in construction innovation in the UK recorded as being at an historic low, there is no better opportunity for the mass timber sector to take advantage by supporting the development of design professionals trained in a structured process aimed at facilitating a continuous cycle of timber product and system innovation. The creation of a cohort of Timber Innovators able to connect their architectural and engineering skills with the mass timber manufacturing sector is intended to bring a new and continuing dynamic to the industry. 


The Mass Timber Academy’s ‘Timber Innovator’ programme is complemented by its equally unique imprimatur of ‘Timber Intrapreneur’ for those trained to disseminate knowledge and expertise in mass timber design and construction to colleagues throughout their organisations. Again, capacity building is a fundamental objective and, for the individuals involved, an additional level of professional accreditation.

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Your involvement

Tier Five draws upon the knowledge and experience gained in Tier Four – whether Timber Innovators or Intrapreneurs – to provide invaluable additional resources to the country’s largest architectural practices and engineering consultancies, creating a specialist skill-base that can be grown into new, high-performance groups or divisions within these companies.


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