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Graduating with a specialism will become more imporant in your future career. Mass Timber Academy offers one of the most important - learning to use mass timber products and systems fundamental to the future health of the planet.

A specialism provides you with a professional advantage. The Mass Timber Academy helps you gain one, while fitting around your studies. There are many benefits of our student membership:

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Student Membership


have you seen the new RIBA requirements?

The RIBA has released new mandatory competencies for all part 1s and part 2s:

M1 - health and fire safety

M2 - ethical practice

M3 - climate literacy 

M4 - research literacy

The Mass Timber Academy can help to path your own specialist direction through these requirements in preparation for your future career.

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1. education + information

- Dissertation/thesis support on mass timber topics

- Discounted access to specialist short courses

- Free copies of Mass Timber Academy e-books

- Monthly panel papers

- Monthly newsletter


2. social media


- Curated free content 

- LinkedIn profile guidance

- LinkedIn references + endorsements

- Private LinkedIn Mass Timber Academy group

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3. events


- Discounted access to live conferences, events + workshops

- Exclusive competitions + exhibitions

- Exclusive student events

- Podcasts + webinars

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4. career enhancement


- Awards + prizes

- CV + portfolio advice

- Job application guidance

- Mentoring

- Networking opportunities

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5. bookshop + merchandise


- Discount at our bookshop


becoming a member

Becoming a member is easy! We have two options for student members and upon confirmation of your student status you will be invited to the Members Area of the website, along with our LinkedIn group.


Unsure of anything? Email us