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What does it mean to have an architecture or engineering career today? More specifically, what does it mean in a world where careers can span 60 years, even as the half-life of learned skills continues to fall to only about five years? In the past, employees learned to gain skills for a career; now the career itself is a journey of learning. 

Not every architect or engineer is experienced in the use of timber and of mass timber in particular. The specialist knowledge on offer from the Mass Timber Academy can not only help you to fulfil a large part of your annual CPD obligations but, more importantly, provide you with the essential information and support you need to design and specify with confidence and to play your part in changing the way we build to create a more sustainable environment. 


Early Career Professionals


1. education + information

- Gratis copy of Mass Timber - an introduction to Solid 

- Laminate Timber Systems (RRP £20)

- Monthly MTA newsletter

- Monthly MTA Panel Papers on mass timber products & systems 

- Copies of all MTA E-books

- Access to all MTA White Papers

- Regular case studies of mass timber buildings, architects, engineers and manufacturers

- Discounted access to MTA online short courses (planned for 2021)

- Discounted access to MTA massive open online courses (MOOC’s) (planned for 2021)


2. social media


- Regular curated content across social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp)

- Exclusive Mass Timber Academy group on LinkedIn

- Provision of MTA endorsements and references on LinkedIn

- Regular updates on state-of-the-art mass timber R&D, product development and launches

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3. events

- Exclusive access to MTA competitions and exhibitions

- Discounted access to MTA live conferences + events (planned for 2021)

- Visits to mass timber buildings and manufacturers (post Covid-19)

- Online interviews with MTA Timber Innovators and Timber Intrapreneurs (planned for 2021)

- Regular MTA podcasts and webinars (planned for 2021)

- Access to MTA masterclasses and workshops (planned for 2021)


4. career enhancement

- Continuing Professional Education (CPE) certification

- Guidance on careers and opportunities in mass timber architecture and engineering

- Industry contacts and international networking opportunities

- Progression to MTA Timber Innovator and Timber Intrapreneur status

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5. bookshop + merchandise


- Discounts at the MTA bookshop

- Reviews of mass timber-related publications


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

becoming a member

Becoming a member is easy! We have two options for early career professional members (within 5 years of part 2 completion) and upon confirmation of your early career professional status you will be invited to the Members Area of the website, along with our LinkedIn group.


Unsure of anything? Email us 

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