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Is your timber project a winner?

I don’t know if you or your practice has completed any projects of late that you think make exemplary use of timber, but two free-to-enter award schemes are nearing their entry deadlines shortly (i.e. by 23 June 2023) -

If you’ve not considered doing this before for any of your projects, can I suggest it’s well worth having a look at the entry requirements since there are multiple categories your project(s) may be eligible for.

I’ve had the privilege over many years of being invited to join judging panels for timber awards and it’s often been a surprise to me to see contractors submit entries and walking away with awards that, to all intents and purposes, were actually intended to recognise excellent design or engineering, but the actual authors of these projects had failed to submit their own entries.

Yes, combined entries are possible- indeed encouraged - but if you don’t get around to organising the project team to collaborate, you can hardly claim to be ‘award-winning’ when the actual trophy is sitting on someone else’s desk!

So, don’t procrastinate - download the entry packs now to see what needs to be done to submit your project(s). The requirements may involve the investment of some time and energy, but the subsequent promotional value will be worth it if you’re shortlisted or - even better - emerge triumphant.*

And, if you don’t have any timber projects completed in time for this year’s awards deadlines, fear not - there’s always next year, but you will now be aware of what’s required to submit a successful entry when the time comes!

Very best wishes - and good luck!

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