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The Mass Timber Revolution


Course Description

THE COURSE Following the success of ‘The Mass Timber Revolution’ online course in early 2023, the Mass Timber Academy is delighted to reprise its collaboration with CIAT Scotland East and CIAT Scotland West with a fresh opportunity for Architectural Technologists to participate in this six-part introduction to mass timber products and systems. Ticket prices are heavily discounted for CIAT members based in Scotland (see booking page). The use of NLT, DLT, CLT, Glulam and LVL is growing exponentially around the globe, with country after country amending its regulations or introducing new legislation to facilitate the construction of more mass timber buildings. In these times of constant change, this means one thing: a growing international demand for expertise in this area. By taking part in this course Architectural Technologists in Scotland have the opportunity to be in the vanguard of this emerging change. The six-part, lunchtime course runs at two-weekly intervals from Wednesday 07 February to Wednesday 17 April 2024. Each one-hour presentation. Each online session will be led by architect and Mass Timber Academy founding director, Peter Wilson, and  will take place online from 13:00-14:00 or other time to be agreed, with an additional 30 minute period available after each session for Q&A with participating CIAT members. The course sessions and dates are - Session 1 - INTRODUCTION TO MASS TIMBER PRODUCTS / SYSTEMS - Wednesday 07/02/24 Session 2 - NAIL LAMINATED TIMBER (NLT) - Wednesday 21/02/24 Session 3 - DOWEL LAMINATED TIMBER (DLT) - Wednesday 06/03/24 Session 4 - GLUE LAMINATED TIMBER (Glulam) - Wednesday 20/03/24 Session 5 - CROSS LAMINATED TIMBER (CLT) - Wednesday 03/04/24 Session 6 - LAMINATED VENEER LUMBER (LVL) - Wednesday 17/04/24 The sessions will be recorded (Zoom) and made available to participating CIAT Scotland members via the Mass Timber Academy website. E-book copies of ‘Mass Timber - an introduction to Solid Laminate Timber Systems’ will be provided to participating CIAT members. Reference/specification resources & digital tools (where relevant) will be highlighted for each mass timber system.

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