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“You’ll only control change by altering what you decide to do next. 

If you simply wait for the system to change, chances are you’ll be too late.”

        (Mark Farmer, author of 'Modernise or Die')

Looking to the future and a post-Covid recovery means thinking differently about the fundamentals of architecture and engineering practice. Working from home, even sporadically, is likely to be the norm for some time, and if this is true for you it will also be the case for your clients and others working in the fields of building development and construction. Where are new projects to come from? As responsible professionals, how best to respond to the climate emergency? What are the processes, products and systems to be used to ensure sustainability targets are met and a genuinely circular economy delivered? 




The central plank of the Mass Timber Academy is aimed directly at architecture and structural engineering SME’s to ensure your business is able to access independent, objective education on this rapidly evolving area of construction and on the new developments emerging that are likely to change forever the way we think about building design. The Academy’s programme is designed to provide career-long, structured continuing professional education for you and your employees, enabling better staff retention whilst upskilling your team to respond effectively to the new opportunities offered by all-timber or hybrid timber construction systems. 

Practice/consultancy membership of the Mass Timber Academy’s SME programme ensures, year-on-year, that your business is au fait with all the latest developments, regulatory changes and technical information needed to present  mass timber design as a core competency of your business. The Academy’s SME programme has four distinct, but fully integrated, areas of focus: business and market development, technical training, creativity support and employee development. Each area is updated on an annual basis to ensure your business always has full access to state-of-the-art information. The programme is comprised of individual knowledge transfer components that care available either to a designated group/team within your business at a specific time, or on an individual employee basis at a time best suited to their own work schedule. 


One more thing: this is not CPD as you have been used to. This is the future of career-long education for architects and structural engineers. The old adage applies: if something is worth having, it’s worth paying for. The Mass Timber Academy’s SME programme is priced to be affordable to every level of business in this category, ensuring that all of the education and information it offers is appropriate, independent and objective. It’s designed to make your business better in 2021 and beyond.

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The program is focused around:

Lectures - 'The Masters Talk'


Online short courses (discounted cost)

Podcasts / Podcast discussions

Presentations + mass timber case study



Workshops + competitions

Reference documents


Live events (conferences etc) when circumstances permit


becoming a member

Becoming a member is easy! We have specific options based on the size of your practice as below.

| Sole practitioners (one architect or structural engineer)

| Micro business (5-10 architects or structural engineers)

| Small companies / practices / consultants (11-20 architects or structural engineers)

| Medium companies / practices / consultants (21-30 architects or structural engineers) 


Don't fit in any of these categories? Email us for more information on large practices.

Members Area (Coming Soon)
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